2021 Recordings

Scroll down to access recordings from each of the conference sessions. The full programme can be found here

Presentations from Day 1, chaired by Ankna Arockiam.

  1. Jaime Diaz: Shame in my Scores: Racism, Ableism, and Trauma in my Compositional Process
  2. Ishaya Yarison: Art Music, Migrants, and Mental Health in “Sanctuary,”
  3. Hannah Robbins: Reflections on Blackness and Religion in the Musical

Panel discussion from Day 1 of the 2021 Shared Narratives online conference explored Approaches to Health and Wellbeing in Performing Arts Research.

Panel: Shiyin Huang, Lauren Nicole Whitter, Ishaya Yarison
Chair: Ankna Arockiam

Presentations from Day 2 of the 2021 Shared Narratives online conference, chaired by Uchenna Ngwe.

  1. Dr. Sandie Bourne & Marsha Lowe: Black British Ballet Project
  2. Shiyin Huang: Musculoskeletal injury and pain in Chinese classical dancing
  3. Dr. Lopamudra Maitra Bajpai: Narratives of masked dance performances of South Asia

For copyright reasons, the sound has been muted by YouTube on 2 of Shiyin Huang’s examples. The original recordings are as follows:

Panel discussion from Day 2 of Shared Narratives 2021 focused on the experiences of performing arts students in Higher Education

Panel: Roxanna Albayati, Zinah Mangera-Lakew, Shanti Suki Osman, Jasmine Ong
Chair: Uchenna Ngwe

Presentations from Day 3 of Shared Narratives 2021, chaired by Hannah Robbins. Unfortunately, technical issues meant that only the audio was recorded for this session. Further details on the work discussed can be found on the presenters’ websites.

  1. Stephanie Lamprea: ‘Vocalising In and Through Nature: Re-Materializing the Classical Voice, with an Analysis and Performance of Jason Eckardt’s Populus tremuloides: “Quaking Aspen”‘. 
  2. Gabriel Dharmoo aka Bijuriya: Bijuriya: The Drag Practice of a New Music Composer 
  3. Roxanna Albayati: Māhour for Cello and Live electronics

The 3rd and final panel discussion for Shared Narratives 2021 focused on Finding Joy Through Performing Arts Research. Due to technical difficulties, only the audio was recorded for this performance.

Panel: Josie Campbell, Jaime Diaz, Marsha Lowe, Haroun Shah
Chair: Hannah Robbins